Free Standing Gas Fryers

F-340 LB
F-450 LB
F-570 LB

Atena’s Model F-3, F-4, and F-5 are floor standing 3,4, or 5 tube fryers in 40,50, and 70 pound capacities. The fry tank is a peened all stainless steel tank with an efficient high heat battle system, cool zone and a 1 1/4″ full port drain valve. The front and door are all stainless steel. The door is supported for extra strength with a welded magnet and a reversible door handle.

Two fry baskets are included with red plastic coated handles. 1 millivolt thermostat allows a temperature range of 200℉ to 400℉. A backup safety Hi-Limit control shuts the fryer down in shortening exceeds the maximum temperature. The Thermostat, Gas Valve, and Hi-Limit are Invensys/Robertshaw parts.

*Not suitable for installation in a non-commercial or residential applications


• Peened Stainless Steel tank with smoothed out welds
every 6” on Charbroiler grates
• Stainless Steel Front; top ledge and header
• 1 1/4″ Ball type – Full Port Drain
• Cool Zone in Fry Tank
• Built in Flue Deflector
• Effient (30,000) BTU Heat Exchange Tubes with high heat baffles: 3,4 & 5 tube fryers available
• Double Rod Stainless Steel Basket Hanger
• Stainless Steel door with door stabilizer
• Smooth Finish, High Grade G90 galvanized sides and back
• Two nickel chrome wire mesh fry basket – Red Plastic Coated Handles
• Invensys Thermostat – 200℉ to 400℉
• Auto reset high limit
• 6 inch adjustable legs, casters available
• Adjustable non skid Stainless Steel legs
• Full foam zone
• Heavy construction; shipping weight 200 lb
• Welded door magnet
• Recessed door handle
• Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

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